Columbine is the Colorado State flower and symbol for Spirit. Our Loveland location of Columbine Art Gallery and the National Sculptors' Guild has quickly become the largest original fine art source in Northern Colorado located across the street from Sculpture in the Park events at Benson Park.


proudly representing.


Dan Augenstein,CO

Gary Alsum, CO

Carolyn Barlock, CO

Jim Biggers , CO

Ren Burke , CO

Kathi Caricof, CO




Amelia Caruso, CO

Tim Cherry, MO

Dee Clements, CO

Bob Coonts , CO

Darrell Davis, TX

Jane DeDecker, CO

Clay Enoch, CO

Edward Fleming, NM

Carol Gold, CA



JK Designs, Inc.


Cathy Goodale, CO

Bruce Gueswel, CO

Denny Haskew, CO

Lu Haskew Estate

Pat Howard, CO

Alyson Kinkade, CO

Amy Laugesen, CO

Mark Leichliter, CO





Juan Machicado, Peru

Matt McLeod, AR

Herb Mignery, CO

Timothy Nimmo, CO

Ken Newman, ID

Leo E. Osborne, WA

J. Scott Peck, CO

Jean Perry, AZ

Don Rambadt, WI



Since 1992 the NSG works closely with cities, corporations and private institutions across the country to successfully enhance both indoor and outdoor venues with creative design and innovative artwork.


Wayne Salge, CO

Sandy Scott, WY

Teresa Vito, CO

Tal Walton, CO

Michael Warrick, AR

CT Whitehouse, WI

Roy Wilce Estate

Pete Zaluzec, IL


Count on us for your fine art collecting needs. featuring renowned bronze and oil artists alsum, box, caricof, chapel, cherry, clements, dedecker, gold, gueswel, haskew, leichliter, osborne, scott, whitehouse, davis, enoch, fleming, rambadt, salge, zaluzec, laugesen, layne, mills, newman
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